Hunting & Fishing in Africa

Not all trips are created equally… Your trip to Africa will be utterly amazing!

We offer and arrange Hunting in Africa for visitors from abroad. The base of the Africa hunting traditions is the appreciation and the protection of the stock of game that has special features. As a result of the conscious wildlife management based on centuries-old experiences that manages the excellent features of genes well, the big 5 in Africa  is famous all over the world.  Still reminiscent of the “wild Africa” of a bygone era, game is plentiful. All of the plains game species abound here, as well as the Big Five.

Three of the Big Five (elephant, buffalo and leopard) are available on our hunting safaris to Zimbabwe. Additional dangerous game species include both crocodile and hippopotamus. Some unique plains game subspecies are also available for hunting in Zimbabwe, like the Chobe bushbuck and Livingstone eland.

Hunting Zimbabwe’s vast game reserves and concessions can be a challenge for even the most experienced hunter. Hunting areas are typically one of three different types; governmental, tribal, and private, all of which have their own unique rules. Most of these areas encompass thousands of acres and are non-fenced and open. Hunting areas are mostly mopane forest and dry, grassy savanna. Hunting Zimbabwe is accomplished primarily on foot – however, the terrain is not especially rugged and therefore not very physically demanding.

South Africa’s unsurpassed wildlife combined with wonderful clear skies, amazing sunsets, breath-taking natural scenery, history, culture and some of the best vineyards in the world will ensure an adventure you will never forget!

There’s no doubt about about a safari to Africa, however, not every experience in Africa is equally the same.  Every time you will be presented with a different experience, over and over again.

An adventurous hunting expedition in Africa is the go to place when you’re looking for that authentic hunting opportunity that is incomparable to any other.  What adds to any expedition into Africa is who you doing it with.  Ultimate Outdoors is renowned for professionalism, hospitality and affordability.